5 Kinds Of Furniture Every School Must Have

Furniture brings a space to life. So often, people travel far and wide to places, such as flea markets, furniture showrooms, arts and handicraft heirloom stores, and personalised furniture shops, to cherry-pick some of the best furniture finds from various places for their premises. However, public spaces such as schools deserve the same care and attention to detail. 

There are different kinds of furniture that every school must have. So, here’s a guide to choosing the right one for your classroom.

  1. Tables

Tables are an essential part of every school. They act as the centerpiece for group work, learning, eating, studying and playing games—everything that’s a vital part of cooperative learning. You must choose certain kinds of tables according to the design theme running across the entire school. After all, a mismatch would only make the school look visually off-putting. 

You can choose from different materials such as metal, wood, or plastic. Based on the location of the table, you can choose to invest in tables with appropriate features. For instance, tables in staff rooms can have drawers for extra storage; tables in the cafeteria can be metallic for easy cleaning and maintenance; classroom desks can be lightweight to help in easy arrangement and transfer. 

You can also invest in a few desks with wheels to make it easy for certain students and staff members in need, making it a piece of accessible furniture for all. 

  1. Chairs

School chairs are a vital part of any classroom, as they are critical for learning. Without them, students would be unable to sit down or concentrate on their learning activities. These items are essential for the classroom environment, as well as the experience that school furniture has to offer. They also help create an inviting space for kids to play in and learn from!

  1. Storage Shelves

Storage shelves are the perfect furniture for any school. They’re great for organising books and other school supplies, making them a must-have in every classroom. The storage shelves make it much easier to keep the classroom tidy, as they provide a place to store all of your belongings in one place. It’s a great asset for the teachers as they can use a shared trolley which completely rids them of having to carry supplies in every classroom.

In addition, storage shelves are an excellent way of displaying student work in an organised manner. You can even use them as display cases if needed!

  1. Magazine Holders

Magazine holders hold magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. They, too, like tables, can match the theme around the school—metallic or wooden, with or without wheels. They’re also helpful for holding other items as well. For example, textbooks, reading materials, reference magazines, dictionaries, translation aids, etc.

  1. Reading Horses/Comfortable Seating

One of the most important aspects of creating a learning environment is comfortable seating arrangements. Dedicate a specific space of the school to comfortable and ergonomic chairs for students to read, study and work on projects. 

Furniture is an essential component in any school. Take time to plan how you’ll use the space before heading to shop. And don’t hesitate to look in stores and furniture shops in Ballarat that aren’t just dedicated to just school furniture—you’ll be surprised by some great finds!

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