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Celebrating 33 years in business, now that’s experience, contact us today.

Furniture Contracts offers everything in commercial and hospitality furniture in Victoria or Australia wide, which includes chairs, tables, ottoman, lounge suites, desks, stools and more.

For over 30 years, we have been providing solutions for all kinds of projects, including hotels, motels, clubs, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and offices.

Whether you are planning to furnish a hall, dining area or a patio, we can help you choose the perfect piece of furniture from our incredibly extensive range — from classic to contemporary, minimalist to luxurious and everything in between.

With our smart routes of sourcing, we have top-quality furniture available to you at affordable prices. Feel free to explore our product range, and let us know which piece of furniture would you like to buy today.

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Note: We are no longer @ 912 Howitt Street, Wendouree, If you would like an appointment, between 10 am to 5pm Monday to Friday, please call or email – (03) 53381799 or

One of the leading commercial furniture suppliers, Furniture Contracts not only sell furniture but also makes sure each piece that you buy fits perfectly in the intended room. We also take care of transportation and installation if required.

We offer a durable range of furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings, decked up with a variety of upholstery materials to suit your purpose.



Feedback from Our
Valued Customers

Everyone meet Brendan Britt, to my family he has always been known as BB, I have known him my whole life and today he proved just how much of an amazing man he is, driving nearly a 900km in a round trip to bring us our beautiful new chairs We absolutely love them, so if you’re in the market for furniture look him up, Furniture Contracts in Ballarat, He is more than alright (even for a Collingwood supporter)

Meaghan Roberts

We are very happy with the service and good communication we received from Furniture Contracts. Also a number of our patrons have commented on the quality and appearance of the tables and chairs. Thanks to Brendan for his advice in helping with our selection.

Joan, Melissa & Roger

Furniture Contracts was a lifesaver when furnishing my new restaurant! Their cafe and restaurant furniture selection was vast, and their team helped me choose the perfect dining tables and chairs that matched my aesthetic and budget. The furniture is incredibly durable and stylish. Highly recommended!

Sarah K.

We recently partnered with Furniture Contracts to outfit our entire school with new desks and chairs. Their focus on education furniture was impressive, and they provided ergonomic options that prioritise student comfort and posture. Our students love the new setup!

John M.

Furniture Contracts impressed me with the sheer volume of commercial furniture options. Finding the perfect pieces for our space was a breeze. I highly recommend Furniture Contracts for any commercial furniture needs! Fantastic experience.

David L.

We recently renovated our hotel lobby and guest rooms, and Furniture Contracts was instrumental in the furniture selection. Their expertise in hospitality furniture was invaluable, and they helped us find stylish and comfortable pieces that elevated the entire guest experience. The furniture is well-made and easy to maintain.

Emily C.

Upgrading our office furniture with Furniture Contracts was a breeze. They offered a wide range of office furniture, including ergonomic chairs and modern desks, which significantly improved employee comfort and productivity. We’re very happy with the results!

Michael T.

Furniture Contracts impressed us with their outdoor furniture selection. Beyond typical options, they offered stylish and weather-resistant pieces perfect for our beachside complex. The furniture is comfortable, durable, and complements the coastal vibe.

Lisa H.

We recently used Furniture Contracts to outfit the common areas of our apartment complex. Their outdoor furniture selection was impressive. The furniture is perfect for creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for our residents. They have incredible pieces at affordable prices.

James P.

As a contractor, I often recommend Furniture Contracts to my clients for their commercial furniture needs. They offer a reliable and high-quality selection with competitive pricing. Their team is knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. A great partner for any commercial furniture project.

Ben R.

The new ergonomic chairs in our lecture halls are a game-changer! They provide excellent back support, making those long lectures much more comfortable. The overall design is sleek and modern, which adds to the positive learning environment. 

Kate B.

Revamped & Ravin’! Furniture Contracts’ dining tables and chairs breathed new life into our restaurant. Their vast selection offered the perfect pieces for our modern industrial vibe. Sturdy, comfy furniture that thrives in our busy space.  Customers love it – comfy chairs, perfect table size. 

Daniel S.
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